10 Things You Didn't Know About Gollie

  • 10. Her name was originally spelled Golly, but that reminded her of pollywogs, so she changed it to Gollie.
  • 9. She once wet her pants in kindergarten but did not tell anyone.
  • 8. One of her secret dreams is to be a Major League Baseball player.
  • 7. She once accidentally stapled her thumb to a dish towel.
  • 6. She eats all the food on her plate separately.
  • 5. For Bink's next birthday gift, She would like to install a pulley-basket-elevator between her part of the tree and Bink's.
  • 4. She is convinced that if she concentrates hard enough, she will be able to turn herself at will into a bird.
  • 3. She can count to ten in six different languages.
  • 2. She has been known to go to bed without brushing her teeth.
  • 1. Don't tell anyone this, but she saved all the scraps of her old blankie and keeps them in a wooden box under her bed.