10 Things You Didn't Know About Bink

  • 10. Sometimes she dreams about Andy Warhol. She doesn't know if this has to do with Campbell's soup cans (she loves soup!) or Andy Warhol's hair. In any case, she dreams of Mr. Warhol.
  • 9. She wishes that she had a very fast go-cart so that she could duplicate Mr. Toad's wild ride in her backyard and charge a small fee for admission.
  • 8. She is very fond of what she thinks of as the underground animals: gophers, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, moles.
  • 7. She is always hungry (you already know this, but Bink wants you to be reminded).
  • 6. She likes to test herself by asking what three things (Three - only three) she would need to survive on a desert island. Her list (as of today) reads: peanut butter. She is still working on the list.
  • 5. She likes stars. She has her own names for the constellations. For instance: one constellation is called Binkorama. Another is called Gollie-wollie. They are excellent constellations.
  • 4. She is fond of mysteries that can't be solved.
  • 3. She likes to knit. But she doesn't knit traditional things (mittens, scarves, hats). Instead she knits Bink things, which are things that have no names but look kind of like hedgehogs who have spent a lot of time underground.
  • 2. She loves a lot.
  • 1. She hopes a lot.